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History of 'Evaluation of Hematological and Hepatorenal Functions of Methanolic Extract of Moringa oleifera Lam. root treated mice'

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Author(s): Mazumder UK, M Gupta, S Chakrabarti, D Pal
Published in: Indian Journal of experimental biology.   Mar 23, 1999
37 6 612-614

This study examines the medicinal effects of Moringa oleifera roots. The authors did preliminary research on the roots, finding that the level of alkaloids in such might be helpful for managing liver and kidney diseases.

Roots for this experiment were gathered during the period of time between May and June. Once gathered, the roots were sun-dried and then extracted with methanol. The extraction was then administered through a four week period to Swiss albino mice. The mice were both female and male and were grouped into ten groups of ten. Each group was given a different dosage of the extraction, either low, medium or high.

It was found that the highest dosage, 46mg/kg body weight, did have tremendous effects on the liver and kidney function of the mice in that particular group. The mice who were given such dosages had a higher white blood cell count and less clotting time in addition to a positive change in plasma protein, blood urea and non-protein nitrogen. This information may be able to be able to later be studied in human liver and kidney disease patients.

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