Guidelines for Submissions

Guidelines for Submissions

The Trees for Life Journal welcomes submissions of articles, essays, informal writings and ideas. Here are the categories of submissions:

Open Forum

A discussion board where you can share traditional knowledge, ideas for possible new uses and proposed subjects for studies. You don’t have to be a “writer”—just share your knowledge and ideas.


Essays are published articles on relevant topics. They fit in three general categories:

Research studies

Small-scale field studies can be done by anyone with an understanding of the scientific method and the ability to perform an experiment. For studies that are conducted and featured in the journal, there are three levels of submission:

File formats

Articles may be submitted in either Microsoft Word (.doc) or Rich Text Format (.rtf) formats. If there are illustrations with your article, please include them in the same file as the article.

To submit an article for publication, go to Submit Article.

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